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Rare elephant twins born in Samburu National Reserve!

Bora and her twins in Samburu National Reserve. Photo: Jane Wynyard/ Save the Elephants Wednesday, 19 January 2022. Rare elephant twins have been born in Samburu National Reserve, Northern Kenya. The discovery was made by guides from the luxury eco-camp, Elephant Watch Camp (EWC) on Sunday morning (January 16). The guides at EWC are trained by Save the Elephants (STE) to recognize individual elephants and families in the park. They alerted researchers from Save the Elephants who confirmed that the calves are a male and female, and were roughly one day old. The mother of the twins is a female[…]


Rescuing baby elephants

During the Covid lockdown, I helped Save the Elephants rescue two baby elephants in Northern Kenya. The first, Bule, was found by locals wandering on the main road near Archer’s Post. She was extremely vocal and strong, even trying to knock me over in the process! The second, Lomunyak (Lucky in Samburu) was not in such great shape. Rescued from the croc-infested Ewaso river by staff at Elephant Watch Camp, Lomunyak was covered in cuts and bites which we assume were from a lion attack. Both babies were taken to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in the remote Mathews Rangers in Namunyak[…]


Collaring a giant elephant

Earlier this month, Save the Elephants fitted a satellite tracking collar on one of my favourite bulls – a giant of an elephant called Miguna Miguna. I have photographed many elephant collarings during my time in Kenya but this one was particularly special. Miguna is an interesting elephant. A dominant 38 year old bull, he visits Samburu National Reserve in Northern Kenya about once every 2-3 years to look for females. He’s one of only a few large bulls left as most were killed for their ivory. ⁣⁣Collaring a giant of Miguna’s size is not an easy feat and can[…]


Africa Geographic Photographic competition of the Year 2019

I’m delighted to announce that four of my photographs have been chosen for the Africa Geographic Photographic Competition of the Year, 2019. Three – impalas staring through the dust in Samburu National Reserve, flamingos in Namibia and Samburu woman, Mpayon with camel – were chosen in the weekly selection. My ‘Blue Steel’ leopard – also photographed in Samburu National Reserve – made it into the Instagram competition. Voting and judging closes April 30, 2019


The Land Of A Thousand Hills: Rwanda in Black and White

Some of my favourite photos taken during my trip to Rwanda in 2017 to see the endangered mountain gorillas … (main image: This gorilla structure is located at the site of Kwita Izina -a centuries old Rwandan tradition for giving a name to a new born baby gorilla. The structure was blown over in a storm but has since been rebuilt.)   Innocence – this tiny fluffy baby would wander up and stare intently  SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave


Up close and personal with Africa’s wildlife

Some of my favourite moments as a wildlife photographer have been when I’ve been able to get as close to my subjects as possible (without getting eaten of course!) and capture their facial expressions.  There’s nothing like spending several hours just quietly observing animal behaviour on your own whether it’s a haughty leopard staring at you from a tree stump as seen in the above photograph, or a curious baby baboon hanging precariously from its mum’s fur. As long as it’s safe and I’m not too close, I’ll switch off the jeep motor, sit quietly, camera ready and wait to[…]


David M

My journey to Rwanda – an awakening

This sweet young Rwandan boy pictured above with the expressive eyes and shy glance is David Mugiraneza. David used to love football, enjoyed making people laugh and hoped one day to become a doctor. At the age of ten, he had his whole life before him and was no doubt the apple of his mother’s eye – from all accounts a caring and sweet son. In 1994 before he’d even had the chance to see the world, experience his first love, marriage, have a family of his own, or even pursue his dreams of becoming a doctor, David’s short sweet life came to[…]


Meet the colourful and comical birds of Africa

As well as photographing elephants, lions, leopards, cheetah and baboons during my recent trip to Africa, I also managed to take a few shots of the amazing birdlife from honking hornbills to grumpy vultures. In fact the very first photograph I took in Africa was of a yellow weaver bird on a fence. We were having breakfast at the Ole Sereni hotel in Nairobi en route to Diani for the first leg of our travels.  The weaver suddenly hopped onto the fence and kindly stood there in perfect profile while staring out at the national game reserve. I couldn’t have asked for a better photographic subject! Most[…]


Vaccines to visas: How to prep for a trip to Africa

In three weeks I’m heading back to Africa – to Rwanda this time to photograph the mountain gorillas and golden monkeys in the country’s Volcano National Park. As I start prepping my gear for my next wildlife adventure, my thoughts wander back to my most recent three-month trip to Africa and the amount of time, work and effort it took me to prepare for that trip. I spent hours and hours googling, phoning and wandering the high street looking for the bits and pieces I’d need for my trip (and that’s not even counting the hours of research I did into my photography gear prior to leaving! –[…]