Riots Over British Gold At the 1920 Antwerp Olympics

It was an amazing Summer for Team GB at the recent 2016 Olympics in Brazil with Britain winning 65 medals, of which 27 were gold, and beating China. Our athletes cemented a place in the heart of all Brits and Team GB left Rio on a cloud of euphoria. Apart from a few competing nations getting upset over our tally of medals, there was huge congratulations all around for the Brits on their amazing success. Now imagine this is 1920, we’re at the Antwerp Olympics and our British Water polo team has just beaten Belgium to the gold medal. Instead of admitting defeat, being happy with a Silver[…]


The Ancestors

I had it drummed into me from an early age that family and knowing where your roots come from are vitally important. My Grandfather, Edward Gordon Gedge, told me fantastic stories about his aristocratic life and my parents often said to me that I had ‘blue blood’ in my veins although I had no idea what they meant, and that I could trace my ancestry back to William the Conqueror.  Living in New Zealand, I didn’t have any appreciation of my ancestry until I first came to England and visited Whitmore Hall – my roots; the ancestral home in Staffordshire.  […]